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Adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Discover the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in our dynamic and comprehensive Adults BJJ classes at Carlson Gracie Las Vegas. Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop fundamental skills or an experienced practitioner seeking to refine your techniques, our classes cater to all skill levels. Our dedicated instructors create a welcoming and challenging environment that fosters growth, camaraderie, and a deeper understanding of BJJ principles.

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Adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


In our BJJ Gi classes, participants will learn the traditional aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while wearing the traditional uniform known as the “gi” . These classes focus on fundamental techniques, positional control,  and submissions. As well as strategic movements that utilize the gi. Students will gain a strong foundation in BJJ techniques that can be applied both in gi and no-gi settings.

Benefits of Gi Training include:

  • Increased Technical Precision: Training with the Gi encourages practitioners to focus on precise technique and leverage due to the added grips and friction the Gi provides.
  • Improved Gripping Strength: Regular Gi training helps develop strong grip strength, which is essential for controlling opponents and executing submissions.
  • Mindful Approach: The Gi promotes a more strategic and deliberate style of grappling, requiring practitioners to think critically about their moves and reactions.

BJJ No-Gi:

Our BJJ No-Gi classes offer a dynamic and fast-paced approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Participants train without the traditional gi. Allowing for a different style of grappling that emphasizes body control, agility, and adaptability. No-gi techniques often translate well to real-world self-defense situations. And are essential for those interested in mixed martial arts (MMA) or submission grappling competitions.

No-gi training provides a range of benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, enhanced grip strength, increased agility, and heightened sensitivity to body positioning.

The absence of the gi encourages practitioners to rely on pure technique and leverage, fostering a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of BJJ. No-gi training also offers a unique opportunity to develop a more versatile and well-rounded grappling skill set.

BJJ Open Mat:

Our BJJ Open Mat sessions provide a valuable opportunity for students to practice and refine their techniques in an informal and self-guided environment.

During these sessions, practitioners can spar, drill, or experiment with techniques at their own pace. Open Mat is an excellent supplement to structured classes, allowing students to work on specific areas of their game, seek advice from more experienced practitioners, and engage in friendly training sessions.

Join us at Carlson Gracie Las Vegas for an exceptional Adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your self-defense skills, or improve your physical fitness our classes offer a holistic approach to BJJ training that will challenge and empower you on and off the mats. Our skilled instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals while fostering a supportive and motivating community of practitioners.

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